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Born in Essen, Germany

1991 – 1994
Apprenticeship in analog photo retouching

1994 to 2001
Studies of Visual Communication, degree and diploma
FH Düsseldorf, FH Hamburg and Muthesius Hochschule, Kiel

1999 to 2001
Research assistance at cross-faculty forum, Muthesius-Hochschule

Since 2001
Career as designer, illustrator and painter,
both full time employment and partly free lance working


1998 »Schrift und Zeit«, within the 14th Forum Typography, Duesseldorf
1999 »Virtuelle Teams« Collaborative project between Muthesius-Hochschule, Kiel and University of Lübeck (Supervision by Prof. H. v. Amelunxen, Prof. Michael Herczeg),
2000 Annual exhibition Muthesius-Hochschule, Kiel
2000 Die 100 Besten Plakate des Jahres 1999, Berliner Staatsbibliothek, Berlin
2002 Ars Baltica, Visual concept and documentation
2018 »Colors« Heard-Craig Center, McKinney, Texas, US
2018 Curated annual exhibition at Kunstpunkt, Augustenborg, DK
2019 Exhibition of Danish and German artist at Galleri Nexus, Tinglev, DK
2021 »Vernissages discretes«, Galerie Frank Siebert, Lübeck
2023 »In & Out«, Carls Art 78, Eckernförde


2017 »The Glass Menagerie« Freya-Frahm-Haus, Laboe
2019 May »Les Allemands se retirent dans la forêt.« Gallery at LG Kiel
2019 July »Visione Offuscata«, Chiesa di San Severo al Pendino, Naples
2019 September, »Visione Offuscata« Kieler Kloster, Kiel

Raised in the suburbs amidst North Rhine-Westphalia, Dworak was trained in photo retouching within the then mostly analog pre-press industry. Until today those skills have provided him inspiration for painting techniques and working processes. Dworak studied Visual Communication in Duesseldorf and received his degree at Muthesius School of Arts in Kiel in 2001. Cross-faculty projects and the involvement with the theory of media were a focus of his studies. Christian Dworak lives and works in Kiel and Hamburg.